Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seven Years Is But A Day

November 12, 2007

Seven years is but a day.

Must my soul be purged to get relief? Must it be exposed and bare?

Will the flood gate that is holding back tears open up or will the steel trap that is pressing down the venomous fire in my gut be removed?

How could someone prey on such vulnerability? You wolf in sheep's clothing!! I rebuke you. How could you abuse my heart that way? How was I so blinded by you? I'm upset with myself for not knowing better. I'm angry at the devil for knowing where my weaknesses were when I didn't even know myself. I'm angry at the unraveled path of destruction this caused. I'm so angry my head is spinning, my soul is convulsing, my gut is on fire. Oh, but I have a double-edged sword to get me through. Seven years is but a day, and I know that my joy will come in the morning.

I pray for Holy fire to burn that which has caused death. I thank God for new life. I forgive you as I have been forgiven.

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