Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heart of Stone

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Heart of Stone

There was once a little girl longing to be comforted and consoled.
She got neither.
She grew into an older girl still wanting to be comforted and consoled a little.
She got neither.
In that empty place where there was no comfort or consolation, a stone formed.
Her heart was now hard.

She became a young woman...still there was no one there to comfort or console her. She didn't want it anyway at this point. What in the world was comfort? What did it mean to be consoled? With each new hurt and each new day, that stone became harder and harder.

A woman now with someone to comfort and console her. She didn't know how to receive it. It made her whole body freeze up and become hard just like that stone.

Day by day the ice was melting because of His warmth. She began to want and need His comfort. That stone was keeping her from all of Him. He removed the stone from her heart, and He showed it to her. He bent down on His knees and held it in His hand and looked at her lovingly. He asked her what He should do with it. She begged Him to get rid of it and to fill the hole in her heart with His love. He tossed the stone away, and it was never to return. He, still on His knees, looked her in the eyes lovingly. Next He held her still and put both of His hands on her arms, and He leaned in and kissed with the passion and zeal of a red-hot flame the empty hole in her heart. She could feel the warmth of His breath melting away the years of pain. Time stood still for her.

Another piece of her heart was completely His. She was even more deeply in love with her Savior.

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